Customer loyalty programme.

The Hobbyclassic customer loyalty programme is a membership that we offer to our registered customers so that they can qualify for different rewards if they make regular purchases. Every registered customer who has purchased from both our online shop and our eBay platform as of April 2022 is eligible to enjoy this loyalty programme.

How it works:

On all your purchases you will accumulate 5% of the total value of the products purchased in the form of points. These points are accumulated indefinitely with no expiry date, and a maximum of 50 points will be accumulated in a single purchase if the order exceeds 500€.

Example: For a purchase of 45€ you will accumulate 2 points, for a purchase of 250€ you will accumulate 13€ and for a purchase of 600€ you will accumulate 30€.

These accumulated points can be converted into a discount voucher with no minimum value, when 2 conditions are met for the customer:

- That the registered customer has made a minimum of 3 purchases.

- The registered customer has accumulated a minimum of 20 points (€20).

When these 2 conditions are met, you can redeem part or all of your points in a gift voucher to be redeemed on your next purchase. To find out the status of your available points, pending validation, and pending conversion into a gift voucher, all personal information can be found here.

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